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Cable Clips

Introducing cable clips! This light switch is our newest adjustable wire cable tie system. With 25 pieces you can go get the look you want on set with ease. Whether you're looking for a different look for your office, a finished look for a special event or just want to keep your wireency in check, electric switch are the way to go. With easy-to-use clip elements and a simple instruction booklet, you'll be able to put together the perfect set in no time.

Top Cable Clips Reviews

This is a 6pcs smart wire cord cable drop clips ties organizer holder line fixer. It is perfect for using as a light switch or tie offs. It comes with an organizer holder and cut offs for rigidity. The clips are easy to use and get to their job. This is a great piece for overall savings on cable.
this is a set of 10 monoprice circle cableclips with steel nail that come in a water resistant packaging. They are a great light switch for your gear - yet remain challengey to use. The smithsonian-quality construction means you can use them with your favorite sound system.
this is a cable clips light switch. It is used to add an extra layer of protection to a heavy cable holder. It has 8 different clips that can be arranged in different ways, making it a versatile tool for any home or office. The clips can hold any type of cable, from long-term care to lightning fast charging. The hider can be put in any where you want it, the management system makes it easy to keep track of your cables and where they are at all times.