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Cable Wire

The cable wire light switch is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home décor. This switch is made of southwire quality cable and has a metallized look. It features a 2-1/4 watt design and will illuminating cable with light blue and green colors. The switch ismasterfully designed to open and close the electric switch easily.

Discount Cable Wire Price

This is a perfect little cable wire light switch for those with a small amount of cable. It features a black 34 footbraidedexpansible fabric sleeve and wire harness. The loom will allow you to add an extra wire into the switch making it perfect for multiple uses. The wire cover will also wobble and sway but make sure it is tightens quickly. The switch is also lightweight and easy to hold.
this is a great deal on a dark cable light switch. The romex 250 12-2 wg non-metallic cable copper electrical wire nm-b 122. Is in great condition and is ever since been used. The switch is not shakur and is not going to work.
this is a cable wire light switch. It is made in the usa. It has 500 footcandles and it is made of stranded 600 watt wire. It comes in five colors.